Team Update

Parking LotTop of Page

School Entry Driveway:  There is a stop sign as you enter.  The exit lane in the entry driveway is for buses to exit.


Shelter Drop Off and Pick Up Zone: Enter the driveway, stop, and proceed to the left, past the visitor parking area and follow the lane with the arrows to proceed to the shelter area on the sidewalk just past the office and flagpole plaza.  Please pull forward towards the shelter for your child to exit or enter the vehicle.  If the line is backed up, your child may exit or enter anywhere along the curbed area from the flagpole plaza to the shelter, however, if you would please pull farthest forward before this pick up/drop off to ensure space and positive movement for all. 


Visitor Parking: Enter the driveway, stop, and proceed left.  Please do not conduct student drop off or pick up in this area.  Any student leaving or entering a car from this parking area must be escorted to/from a campus sidewalk by an adult.  Visitor parking exit location is the north end, exit only, outlet of the parking lot and past the shelter zone.


Staff and Placard Accessible Parking: Enter the driveway, stop, follow the curve left, and turn right to the upper section of the parking lot.  This is reserved for staff and placard accessible space parking only.  This is not an area to conduct student drop off or pick up.  Vehicles exiting this area are to use the exit only, past the shelter, at the north end of the lot.


Bus Loading:  The bus load/unload zone is behind the library.  Buses enter through the entrance to the furthest south and have their own zone.  Buses exit through the school main entry driveway. 


Crosswalk from Campus: There is a crosswalk on Beale Hwy. south of the campus and before the parking lot entry driveway.  A second crosswalk is on Beale Hwy. and near the exit only, north end, driveway.  Students are to use these crosswalks when their path of travel requires crossing Beale Hwy. 




Volunteers Welcome and NeededTop of Page

Classroom helpers, art docent, Accelerated Math classroom helper, library assistance, and more!  Just let us know if you are interested in volunteering on campus.  Fingerprinting must be complete through our District. 

Livescan FingerprintingTop of Page


All volunteers and field trip chaperones must be cleared through the Livescan process.  You will be required to pay fees to complete the process, but once you do this through our District, your prints are valid for as long as you wish to volunteer or work in our District.  If you were previously cleared through the Beale ID card system on our green slips, we are sorry, but the recently updated District policy no longer allows clearance through this method.  Please refer to the district website.  Please call our District office at 633-3130 (ext. 17) for information on the process and for scheduling a time to pick-up forms.  We are sorry, but we do not have these forms in the school office.


Parent Pass for Base EntryTop of Page

If you require a pass to enter the base gates for school access, please call our school office (or email as soon as possible and be prepared to provide your full name as it appears on your driver's license, your driver's license number, and your birthdate. This information will be processed through Beale AFB Pass and Registration. Once cleared, our office will contact you to obtain paperwork and visit the Pass and Registration office to complete the process. 

Lunch AccountsTop of Page

Students may purchase breakfast and/or lunch with cash or with a prepaid account.  Many parents prepay a week, month, or quarter in advance.  Wheatland School District offers an On-Line Payment Service called My School Bucks.  This program allows parents to check their children's balances and prepay on-line.  Please visit the District Website at to register for this service.  Reduced and free lunches are available to qualifying families.  Applications for the Reduced and Free Lunch program are available in the school offices. 

We highly encourage and appreciate that every family completes this form, even if you do not anticipate any qualification for reduction in fees.  The 100% compliance with families completing the form assists our school with state and federal funding.  We do not share your information and we do not review any of the forms at the school level, so your information remains private.


Students who have forgotten their money or whose prepaid accounts have run out, may charge no more than $27.50 or 10 meals.  Once the cap has been reached, students will not be allowed to charge and will be offered an "alternate" lunch.  Parents will be notified of lunch status using the District All Call System and/or a notice home. 

All charges need to be paid in order for students to receive their report cards at the end of the year, or to check out if transferring to another school.

Students may not charge lunches after May 1st.

You may contact Tina Alvarado at 788-0248 ext. 4300 or  if you have questions.

Lost and FoundTop of Page

Lost and Found is located in our multipurpose room.  Please come on by and see if any of these items belong to your family.  Any items left at the end of the day on November 18, December 16, April 7 and June 8 will be donated to a local community organization. 


It is very important that we have the most current information regarding you and your child in case of emergencies. Please remember to contact the office with any changes regarding your current address and phone numbers.   If you will be TDY or out of the area and assigning a friend to care for your child, please notify the school to update the emergency card and please consider giving your designee a power of attorney to make school-related and medical decisions for your child.


If you are interested in substituting in a classified position (i.e. noon duty, kitchen, classroom para-educator) - call Paula Kesterson, 530-633-3130 at our District Office.

If you are interested in substituting as a classroom teacher - call Tri County Consortium, 530-749-4853 and inquire about the process to substitute teach in the Wheatland School District.  

Morning Routine - Arrival to CampusTop of Page

Breakfast opens at 7:45 a.m.: Students eating breakfast may arrive at this time and report directly to the cafeteria.  If a student is not eating breakfast, they may not be on campus until the grade-level times listed below. 

Students on campus prior to the start of school must report to breakfast or to the computer lab or library.  Playgrounds are not open before school.  Any student arriving to class after start of class (8:10 a.m. for 4th/5th and 8:30 a.m. for K - 3rd) must first stop by the office to obtain a tardy pass.

Kindergarten - Third Grades: Students must be in class for the start of school no later than 8:30 a.m.; however classrooms open 15 minutes prior to the start of school and students may report to class at 8:15 a.m.

Fourth - Fifth Grades: Students must be in class for the start of school no later than 8:10 a.m.; however classrooms open 15 minutes prior to the start of school and students may report to class at 7:55 a.m. Any student arriving to class after 8:10 a.m. must first stop by the office to obtain a tardy pass.

Health Room Clothing Donations NeededTop of Page


Have clothes that your child has outgrown? The School office is accepting clothing donations of lightly used tops & bottoms, new underwear & socks, etc., so that we may restock our health room for those unexpected accidents that happen.

Yellow Ribbon ClubTop of Page

Team Lone Tree offers an excellent program for students and their families. The Yellow Ribbon Club will support students with deployed parents. Students with a deployed family member are highly encouraged to come notify the classroom teacher and send an email to Alicia Stokes, School Counselor (  A permission notice will be sent home for the student to join the Yellow Ribbon Club and meet once a month in their grade level lunch bunch.   The club will promote camaraderie and allow fellow students and staff to be another level of support for a student.  This club is meant as an added enjoyment to the school experience.