Counseling Services

Wheatland School District

Cory O'Neal, Coordinator and Counselor at Bear River School, 530-633-3135 ext. 107

Alicia Stokes, Counselor at Lone Tree School 530-788-0248 ext. 4214


MissionAll students, kindergarten through 8th grade, even those not motivated, are supported academically and social emotionally so they are ready to learn.  The counseling program helps students develop academic, career and personal/social skills to develop goals to ensure academic success.


Prevention ModelThe belief in catching students before they fall through the cracks is a proven success model developed in the FRCs that will continue through, and in collaboration with, counseling services.  Monthly topics will be chosen relevant to student and campus needs.  These topics will be infused throughout the campus through classroom presentations, resources, bulletin reminders and other campus activities.  Parent Network Seminars will be offered the first Wednesday of every month to share tips and strategies with parents as well.


Developmental Model:  The counseling program is designed to meet students throughout their various developmental stages.  Developed through the American School Counselors Association grade level benchmarks are established and will be used to determine goals and objectives students will be expected to meet through counseling services.


Delivery System


Guidance - The guidance program (discussed specifically as the prevention model above) is structured developmental lessons and/or themes designed to assist students in achieving the desired competencies and to provide all students with the knowledge and skills appropriate for their developmental level. The guidance themes are infused throughout the school's overall curriculum and are presented systematically through K-8 classroom and group activities and parent seminars.


Individual Student Planning - School counselors coordinate ongoing systemic activities designed to assist students individually in establishing personal goals and developing future plans.  Grade level benchmarks are used to identify appropriate goals and track progress.


Responsive Services - The traditional role of school counselors, responsive services are activities meeting individual students' immediate needs, usually necessitated by life events or situations and conditions in the students' lives. These needs require counseling, consultation, referral, peer helping or information.


Systems Support - Like any organized activity, a school counseling program   requires administration and management to establish, maintain and enhance the total counseling program.